Mass Global Media

Video & Animation

Bringing your ideas to life through captivating video animations.

Corporate Videos

For internal and external corporate communication, training, or company overview presentations.

Product Demos

Showcasing the features, benefits, and functionality of a product.

Explainer Videos

Brief videos that explain complex topics or processes in a simplified manner.

Interviews & Testimonials

Videos featuring customer testimonials, expert interviews, or employee spotlights.

Event Coverage

Filming and producing highlight reels or full coverage of corporate events, seminars, and conferences.


Longer-format storytelling focusing on subjects relevant to the brand or industry.

Training & Tutorial Videos

Instructional content for products, software, or internal company processes.

2D Animation

Flat animations often used for explainer videos, advertisements, or character-driven stories.

3D Animation

Creating three-dimensional visuals for product demos, architectural visualizations, or animated characters and stories.

Motion Graphics

Dynamic graphic elements usually combined with text for ads, explainer videos, or title sequences.

Character Animation

Designing and animating characters for commercials, stories, or brand mascots.

Infographic Animation

Turning data and numbers into engaging visual stories.